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Beyond Intelligent Design
by Mel Mulder, MD

About The Author

Dr. Mulder practiced surgery in the San Francisco Bay Area for twenty-five years, serving as Physician-in-Chief at a 250 bed hospital. For several years he was the Medical Director of the Ohio Permanente Medical Group, serving also on the Cleveland Clinic's Board of Governors.

Anchored in the Reformation from earliest childhood, the author has always been fascinated with origins. In his role as Medical Director, he was involved with diagnostic and therapeutic radio-isotopes, genetic diseases, stem cell therapy, congenital anomalies, and organ transplantation. On short-term surgical missions, frequently with his family, he visited geological sites in Africa, Israel, Asia, and Central America, touring also Alaska's glaciers, Dinosaur National Monument, Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, and Mount St. Helens.

Serving on the Boards of Mid-America Reformed Seminary (Dyer, IN) and Contra Costa Christian High School (Walnut Creek, CA), he was a proponent of six day creation. As a member of the Christian Reformed Synodical Advisory Committee on Creation and Science (1991), he defended literal creation days, recognizing however that the Bible is fully able to defend itself. Currently an elder in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, he remarks that nobody has all the answers, but there was indeed an eyewitness to creation, transcending time, space, and matter. It should come as no surprise therefore that the physical evidences are pointing toward the Supernatural as well, reaffirming God's Person, Being, and Word.

Delighting in nature and nature's God, Dr. Mulder stresses three fundamental doctrines recounted throughout the scriptures: creation, de-creation, and re-creation. Says he, "While it might be a misperception to think that hardened hearts would be redirected by mere words, 'Springs of Living Water' can soften them, convincing even the severely calcified of the truth. Should that happen, this book will have a lasting impact, honoring the Author of Life and his attributes, timetables, and methodologies."

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