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Beyond Intelligent Design
by Mel Mulder, MD

Back to the Designer
We are living in a “new-age” when people are passionate about science, though defining it on their own terms. Too often, they cobble together what they call science, but is merely a distortion of it. No longer does science command the near-universal respect it once held. As a result, both science and creation truth have come under fire from many directions. From the right has come a fresh attack on Darwinism. From the left, postmodernists are attacking the very notion of objective truth (scientific or otherwise). What we’re left with is subjectivism, irrationality, and relativism – an impotent god, if he even exists!
These ideas have not won the day, however. At the heart of the discussion is a war – a war with the evil-one! We don’t always choose evil consciously. All too often, we simply allow the truth to slip away. And, if we aren’t willing to engage in the battle where truth is being challenged, we will lose the war. Fighting in this battle can involve considerable cost, but this is a war worth fighting for! The encouraging development is that a new generation of “Truth-tellers” is pointing us back to the Designer (as in the title of this book).

In the Book of Job, God asked his servant a remarkable series of 77 questions about creation – questions which Job and his philosophizing friends were unable to answer. At the end of this searching examination, Job could only confess that he did not know. More than fifteen centuries later, modern-day evolutionists (despite all their pretentions) still do not have the answers. But Job knew that the Creator and Designer of the universe knew (Job 38-42:4), and so can we to a considerable extent, based on God’s Word. What a thrill that a “new generation of truth-tellers” is taking us back to these very same truths!

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity,
But of power, of love, and of self-discipline.
(2 Timothy 1:7)

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