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Beyond Intelligent Design
by Mel Mulder, MD

About The Book

During recent years there has been a remarkable revolution! For decades, theologians had resisted evolutionary scenarios while scientists promoted them. Today, however, the tables are turned. Any number of theologians are pushing "eons" while scientists are abandoning them!
Based on the best of what science has to offer, design theorists have shown that natural processes cannot account for the realities of the universe. Given the arguments of Denton, Behe, Johnson, Dembski, and an army of creationists, evolutionary biologists are on the run and their cosmological cousins are scattered. Since a reasonable, testable case has been made for the supernatural origin of life, all other areas are now open to the six day view of creation, including cosmic, geophysical, and human origins.

But here is the problem: The design movement is concerned with intelligence, information, and pathways, not creative causes per se. Presupposing neither God nor miracles, it takes no position on how life arose. Some adherents even grant a role to the evolutionary engine posited by Darwin, so it is no surprise that the ID movement stumbles at "the way, the truth, and the life."

Yet, despite these deficiencies, evolutionists are reeling. At the same time, evolutionary theists are sticking with their compromises, seemingly covering their tracks and looking for exits. Creationists, however, insist that God made everything supernaturally (from scratch), based on hermeneutics, Hubble, DNA, etc.

The collapse of Darwinism may elevate the discussion (and the spirit), but that is not sufficient. At stake are the sufficiency and authority of God's Word - and his attributes - for when people build on partial premises, they are no longer seeking Truth. Christians should therefore be formulating a biblically based model, beyond intelligent design, demonstrating how special creation fits best with the God of the Bible. Failing this, naturalism, though clearly brain-dead, will be resurrected.

The bottom line? Science will never destroy Genesis, but the challenge is this: Just as it took generations to ignite Darwinism, it takes time to reinstate Genesis. Of course, we can continue to beat a dead horse to "death", but there comes a time when we must find a new colt and ride it, meaning that we must abandon sloppy science and irresponsible theology. Also, Christians must broaden the debate all the way from opinion and tolerance to truth and light.

Given that imperative, this book is for lay and professional readers, refocusing the arguments and connecting them with Truth.

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