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Beyond Intelligent Design
by Mel Mulder, MD

The Demise of Darwinism
Having the right mindset, Christians can be committed to the highest, finest, latest, and best in science. We need never bury our minds to be Christians, nor should we bury our faith to stretch our minds. Remember, however: the basis for science is the inspired Word of God, and if we wobble on that (as Darwin did), we will wobble in many other areas.
Darwin saw evolution as “change over time” – the kind we can all accept, as with bread rising from yeast. He went further than that, however, touting evolution as the organizing principle behind everything. According to Darwin, all living things evolved through randomly cumulative changes. You name the sub-field, and evolution is there, all creatures being related by common ancestry, as in Darwin’s “descent with modification.” But creationists have another concern: Darwin’s “deceit with modification,” since there was no empirical proof supporting his theory.

The truth about Darwin’s Origin of Species is very different from popularly held opinion. The only thing that ever evolved is the theory itself! Frustrated by their inability to prove it, evolutionists are continually revising it, struggling to keep it alive in a hostile environment. Yet, if the standards in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, etc. were lowered to Darwin’s level of deceit with modification, our high-tech. world would quickly fall apart!

Major contributions to this book are by Gary Solomon, Toledo, OH, having extensively researched the deceptive motivation behind Darwin's theorizing. Gary received formal training in the field of meteorology while serving in the military. He worked as a freelance sign maker and graphic artist, producing the artwork in this book. Now retired, he has served in volunteer ministries: preaching the gospel in nursing homes and conducting music in churches, rescue missions, revival meetings, and prison ministry. He is also a musician and Christian songwriter.

Gary is of Jewish ancestry, having become a born-again Christian at the age of 53. As a new believer, he wrestled with his evolutionary views. But, brushing up on evolutionary theory, God graciously guided him to Creationist websites where he was startled to learn the truth about Charles Darwin, the "Devil's Chaplain."

How much better to pursue Truth than the Darwinian myth!

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